Thora decides to punish her slave by spanking and whipping him. Thora doesn’t take any nonsense from poorly behaved slaves and she plans on administering some major pain, hoping that the slave learns his lesson and is better behaved in the future. Thora is great with her whip and the slave knows it as he anticipates each and every single blow.

Kylie calls you into her bedroom because she has caught you stealing some of her panties. She decides that you are nothing but a little panty faggot and she decides to humiliate you about it endlessly! She makes you put on her panties and….well….you will just have to find out what Kylie thinks of you and wants you to do for her.

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Mistress Vanessa has her slave on his knees and she begins to slap him across the face with her leather gloved hands. She is EXTREMELY strict with him as she scolds him and makes him hold her leather glove in his mouth as she slaps bare-handed repeatedly, making him cry out in horrific pain. Each slap makes him feel more and more submissive and puts him further into his place.

We need to get all of that filth out” says the powerful Jean Bardot. She slave cannot seem to stop getting random hard-ons and Jean wants to do something about it. She gives the slave 30 seconds to milk himself in front of her, which is so humiliating for him, and if he doesn’t cum, she is going to kick him in the balls for 3 minutes straight. He keeps dripping cum on her boot, and slave demands him to lick it off and not miss a drop. She then gives him evil and demanding masturbation instructions while calling him a dirty little bitch.

Goddess Esmi Lee, Natasha Starr and Mistress Natalia Starr decide it’s time to destroy their bitches ass. The ladies are ruthless as they ass pound their pathetic slut. This slave is only there for one thing, their amusement to rigorously ass pound on a daily basis. The ladies all take turns stretching this bitch’s anal cavity to its maximum capacity with their huge 10 inch black strap ons. After Goddess Esmi has given his gaping man pussy all the work it can handle Goddess Natasha flips the bitch over and pounds his gaping man pussy even harder. After completely ruining his fuck hole they sit back stroking their strap ons with their bitch on all fours. Leashed and collard Goddess Esmi makes him sit up, beg, then lay down and roll over obeying every command like a good little bitch. Mistress Natalia says “wow” and he even know tricks. Just another day on the ClubDom estate.

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Jean Bardot and Michelle Lacy are enjoying drinks by the pool at ClubDom Estate when a vanilla repair man makes a disparaging comment that he could never be a slave to a woman. Hmmm….a little bit of FemDom phobia just may be rooted however he can’t take his eyes off of Jean and Michelle. The ladies are amused. They lure him into “at least just trying a few things.” Before this man can even set down his tool belt, Jean and Michelle are introducing him to single tails on his back, riding crops on his balls and canes on his ass. Teaching him pony etiquette as he pulls them around in the pony cart. Jean and Michelle are delighted in pulling yet another FemDom bitch out of denial. By the end of the day, the male bitch is serving them wine with an ass and back full of welts as the ladies snicker at him. Every now and then a man just needs a reality check.

Shae Fatale and her friend decide that today is the day that their favorite male slave is going to suffer. They beat his pathetic balls with a riding crop while covering his mouth so he keeps nice and quiet. He tries to scream but they keep squeezing their arm around his mouth while hitting his cock and balls even harder. Shae twists her finger into his testicle harder and harder, laughing. Then she gives him a nice mouthful of her spit.

“What a fresh piece of meat right here” Goddess Brianna giggles. Brianna and Kendra have their bitch helpless and secured in the stockade. They start to beat him. “IT doesn’t have feelings” says Kendra. “It’s only purpose is to sit here and amuse us.” The women cane the slave until they are satisfied as he screams, begging and begging for mercy.

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Mistress Lydia Supremacy and Mistress Cheyenne are surprised that their captured traitor slave has made it to phase three, whipping. They have the traitor slave tied up to a rack with handcuffs still unwilling to give up the information. Both Mistress Lydia and Mistress Cheyenne know that will won’t last long as they warm up their whips. Mistress Lydia lays into him first with her red suede whip that she lashes across his back from close range before Mistress Cheyenne unleashes her long black horse whip on his red back flesh. The pain from the whipping makes their slave dance in agony while he needlessly holds onto the information, making his Mistresses more and more angry. It’s not long however, until Mistress Lydia and Mistress Cheyenne break his will and he dances in pain while repeating the information he was going to sell.

Mistress Lydia Supremacy and Mistress Cheyenne are excited that the traitor slave they caught didn’t break during phase one of their interrogation. It has been a long long time since they have had to go to phase two: caning. They don’t waste much time before they start caning their prisoner slave. His pathetic slave ass is still red from phase one of their interrogation, but they brutally start caning his ass leaving dark red welts under his bright red skin. Mistress Lydia and Mistress Cheyenne don’t care if they break their canes over his ass, as they have many of them to go through, and they don’t hold back when they cane their slave. They remind him that his pain can be over as soon as he gives up the information, though they do rather enjoy the caning, so they hope he keeps his mouth shut so they can torture him longer.