Dava Foxx and Kylie Rogue stare down at their kneeling slave. Smoking a cigarette, they snicker and look at how he grows hard seeing their beauty before him. The women decide to fuck their slave good and hard, punishing him for daring to be excited in their presence. They really go deep into his slut-hole, smoking and laughing, making him feel violated, used, and owned.

Michelle Lacy, Eden Alexandria and Kimylee have no mercy on their bound, blue balled bitch. The ladies have this male slut on his back with his balls bound up so tightly they are literally purple. The ladies tease this slut’s cock….getting him close, close, ever so close to cumming and then pulling back. The slut’s balls are grower more and more blue by the second. Sadism over the ladies as the bitch’s cock is teased right to the point of erupting with male filth and then stopped. Finally, the slut spews his cum but his joy is short lived. Michelle punches the slut in his purple aching balls as soon as he blows. There is no mercy for this purple balled bitch.

Mistress Megan has been training her slave to be a street walking whore. She expects her slut to bring home money every night. When her slut comes up short Megan suspects it is because he has not been swallowing. Megan pulls out used condoms and announces her slut will be learning to swallow one way or another. After a dose of reality, the slut is sent back to the streets to collect fresh cum.”Remember your job is to fuck and suck for money.” She tells the bitch.

Goddesses Brianna and Cadence make this slave bitch pay for disappointing them. With his hands chained to a cage, he can only watch as the Goddesses torture his balls. Brianna and Cadence whip and crop the slave’s cock and balls until they are bruised and swollen. His balls locked in a humbler, the bitch can only beg for mercy, which only causes Brianna to laugh and hurt his balls even more. The Goddesses are pleased looking at his black and swollen balls; maybe this bitch will learn his lesson eventually.

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Isobel Devi and Veronica Snow know that they must cock-train their slaves early in order to keep them in line. By doing so, these men will know and always keep in mind who is the superior sex. The slaves, already weak, crawl into the room and wrap their mouths around Isobel and Veronica’s big strap-on cocks. Before long, the woman have them bent over with their huge cocks, struggling to go in and out of their slave’s tight virgin assholes. Its tough and painful but they have to be cock-trained and this is the only way. They must feel every single inch of these women’s cocks deep inside their manginas and know who rules them. This needs to be done every single day.

Goddess Harlow and Goddess Dahlia have their slave strung up for a whipping. It is whipping day, and they have chosen this slave to be shredded by their vicious whips. “You are really going to get it!” says Dahlia, smiling with sadistic glee. The women take turns shredding their slave’s back with their whips, mocking him and treating him like the piece of meat that he is. It’s the only way to keep their slaves in line.

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All Night Whipping

Mistress Deanna tests out a new bitch from the slave farm with her single tail whip. She cracks the whip again and again on his back, ass, and bound balls, smiling every time he screams out in pain. Just when he thinks his punishment might be over, Deanna grabs him by the face and tells him she is just getting started.

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The only pleasure this slave is going to get is milking mixed with a thick rosebud urethral sound dilating his urethra over and over again. Amadahy fucks his dick while stroking his cock while Queen Qandisa holds him down. Goddess Amadahy loves how close he is getting and she makes it more difficult for him to cum by inserting a larger urethral sound. He finally cums. Amadahy is now going to be the Clubdom resident Milking Mistress, in charge of draining all of the slaves with her skillful hands.

Pussy Whipped

Mistress Michelle Lacy notices that there is a new pool boy cleaning the pool at ClubDom Estate. As she goes to confront him about the old one, he tries to get a little frisky. Looks like this pool boy is going to find out why the last one went missing. Next thing he knows, he is waking up next to the old pool boy chained up with Mistress Michelle Lacy and Mistress Natalya Sadici standing over him. It’s time to show this pathetic sorry excuse for a man how to behave.

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