Goddess Nadia White is performing maintenance on her slaves. She pulls slave 044 out of his cage and makes sure he is ready to be rid of his disgusting backed up filth. Goddess Nadia starts milking her pathetic slave. In order for the process to go by faster for everyone, she massages his swollen balls with a few swipes of her hand. Goddess Nadia orders him to not cum until she says so as she doesn’t want to clean up his filthy mess. It’s been 30 days since he was last milked, so Goddess Nadia is expecting a sizeable load, and she better not be disappointed. Goddess Nadia can feel him getting closer, but it isn’t time yet. She tells him about the chastity device she bought him so he can’t masturbate while doing chores. Finally, Goddess Nadia gives him permission to spill his filth, which he does all over the floor. After he’s done eating his cum from her hand, he will have to clean up the floor now too.

Buy all 5 clips for one low price! Goddess Valora has two boys fighting over her attention. She decides to put them to the test to see how much they will tolerate in order to please her. The winner gets to date her. Find out what a real femdom puts these men through!

Goddess Cleo has two of her slaves caged up, and asks which one of them is going to get her off. Goddess Cleo picks one, drags him out, and puts a chindo on him since his cock is too small to please anyone, let alone a Goddess. Her slave has three minutes to get her off, so he better fuck her good with that chindo. Goddess Cleo grabs his hair and pulls his head so that he can learn how to fuck a Goddess’s pussy. He tries to slide the chindo in her wet pussy, but he is so pathetic at it she pushes him off. Goddess Cleo needs to cum, he better hurry up.

Miss Nina Dolci has her slave on his knees where he is admiring her long legs in their black boots. Nina wants her slave to lick and suck on her boots, sucking that heel like a good little cock sucker. She commands her boot bitch to lick them until her boots are nice and shiny. Her slave does a good job cleaning her boots like a good boot slut should, even though he can’t seem to remember Mistress Nina’s name. What a stupid slave. Good thing he can follow directions and deep throat her pointed toe.

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Mistress Michelle is done with her slave he has pleased her enough. Mistress Michelle’s slave asks permission to speak. Mistress Michelle grants him permission to speak. The slave gets ballsy and ask his Mistress if he may release. Mistress Michell is furious and cant believe her slave think hes worthy of cumming. Mistress Michell quickly slaps his pathetic face then slaps some more. Mistress Michelle slaps his face over and over and scolds him for asking suck a daring question. Mistress even grabs the slaves balls and gives them a good slapping. Mistress Michelle beats the worthless slaves face ruthlessly then forces him back into his cage.

Goddess Christy Mack is having a blast now that she has put her boyfriend into chastity and turned him into a cuckold. She uses his face as her chair as she puts her makeup as she texts her date. Once home, with her well hung stud in tow, she walks in and uses her cuck’s face as a doormat, wiping her feet on his tongue. She shows off her stud’s huge cock and compares it to her cuck’s tiny dicklet. She taunts her cucky with his chastity key and puts him on his knees to lube up her lover’s cock. She is going to fuck him all night. As Christy rides her stud’s cock, she instructs her cuck to lick her clit and her lover’s balls. It is such a turn on to humiliate her cuck slut in front of her new stud. After Christy’s lover cums all over her pussy, her cuck is made to lick up every last white gooey drop.

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Thora decides to punish her slave by spanking and whipping him. Thora doesn’t take any nonsense from poorly behaved slaves and she plans on administering some major pain, hoping that the slave learns his lesson and is better behaved in the future. Thora is great with her whip and the slave knows it as he anticipates each and every single blow.

Kylie calls you into her bedroom because she has caught you stealing some of her panties. She decides that you are nothing but a little panty faggot and she decides to humiliate you about it endlessly! She makes you put on her panties and….well….you will just have to find out what Kylie thinks of you and wants you to do for her.

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Mistress Vanessa has her slave on his knees and she begins to slap him across the face with her leather gloved hands. She is EXTREMELY strict with him as she scolds him and makes him hold her leather glove in his mouth as she slaps bare-handed repeatedly, making him cry out in horrific pain. Each slap makes him feel more and more submissive and puts him further into his place.

We need to get all of that filth out” says the powerful Jean Bardot. She slave cannot seem to stop getting random hard-ons and Jean wants to do something about it. She gives the slave 30 seconds to milk himself in front of her, which is so humiliating for him, and if he doesn’t cum, she is going to kick him in the balls for 3 minutes straight. He keeps dripping cum on her boot, and slave demands him to lick it off and not miss a drop. She then gives him evil and demanding masturbation instructions while calling him a dirty little bitch.