Nadia White has a lot in store for these two subby boys. She decides to make them both collared subby boys at her feet. One worships her feet while the other watches. She then makes the foot worshipper jerk off onto her gorgeous and perfect toes while she makes the other bitch watch him. She instructs him to lick up all of the other subby boy’s cum off of her toes! How humiliating.

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Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain are enjoying a smoke and are distracted from watching the cage of slaves. One of the slaves has a key, and unlocks the cage, and makes a run for it. The women notice and call over a slave to pull them by pony cart to chase down the escaped slave. Once caught, the women want to make him pay, by busting in his balls so hard, he may not have them any longer.

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Mistress Shae’s slave has been begging to worship her beautiful feet, but slaves always have to suffer to earn any rewards. Shae knows that women control men through their cock and balls, and that is exactly what she wants to make him suffer by. As Shae beats his cock and balls with her crop, she just laughs at how pathetic and helpless his leashed manhood is, just dangling on the toe of her boot like the insignificant pieces of meat they are. After the crop beating, Shae uses her own boots as instruments of torment, kicking and crushing his tiny balls with them. Even the pain does not stop the excited slave from dribbling precum on her boots, which of course he must lick up and clean. Shae continues the boot cbt until the slave is begging for her mercy. Only then will she allow him to worship her feet.

On Mena and her husband’s one year Anniversary, she decides to tell him that things aren’t working for her. She wants to be with a submissive man, since he isn’t good for much more and she hasn’t been satisfied. She wants to turn him into a submissive cuckold and if he wants to save their marriage and make her happy, he must comply. He decides to try it out, and puts on the collar she had brought for him. He gets on his knees as he is told and worships her perfect feet.

Rilynn Rae and Roxi Blair are here to take down the two losers at the gym. The women wrestle the men and get them to submit, as they are no match for the wit and strength of the women. The women decide to see which one of them has a smaller dick and they start stroking both of the guys. The end up forcing the men to stroke their itty bitty cocks and lick their cum off of their feet.

Goddess Jamie Valentine is the head Mistress of the compound today and she is going to make sure that she uses that to her full advantage. Jamie has a slave waiting in the stocks to be punished and she is on her way there, being pulled by another slave on her pony cart. Jamie walks off of the cart and over to her waiting, terrified slave and taunts him before delivering some painful, punishing cane strokes. Jamie decides to grab the slave by his balls and threaten and terrify him further in his punishment, before going back to delivering more vicious cane strokes. She gets in her cart, satisfied and leaves him there in the field to think about what he’s done.

Kendra James and Alexa Rydell notice one of their stable slave’s has swollen balls. It is time this bitch is milked! The ladies have him strapped into a bondage chair with only his cock and swollen balls exposed. Then they begin milking the slut’s worthless nuts. Kendra grabs his balls and squeezes them tightly. She wants every drop of male filth extracted. Alexa strokes the slut’s cock, working it with great expertise. When the slut is close to losing his male filth, he resists. Kendra puts her hand over the bitch’s mouth as Alexa completes their mission. She catches the male filth in her hand and inspects his now empty balls to be certain that every drop of filth was extracted.

Goddess Tangent and Mistress Dahlia Rain have you under their control. You are helpless to do as they say. You cannot help but to follow their every word as you stroke your pathetic cock exactly as they want you to. You stare at their big black cocks and dream of being stuffed in your holes by these two Goddesses. You suddenly start to feel their huge black cocks inside of you, while these women laugh and watch you stroke your cock and cum exactly as they want you to cum, when they want you to cum.

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