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Goddess Venus Divine and Goddess Kylie Rogue inform their slave that it is milking day since its been at least 30 days or even longer since this pathetic slave has been fed. Goddess Kylie begins to milk this bitch, but it looks like he does not want to be fed since he cant produce any of his filth for his Goddesses when told to.

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Megan Jones

Megan Jones is a total sadist. She storms into a room where her slave is caged, looking for action. She kicks the cage to wake the bitch up. He seems the look in her eyes and, knows that he is in trouble. Megan drags the trembling bitch out of the cage and, lays into him with a bamboo cane. Instant welts appear. The more the slave cries out, the harder Megan canes. She enjoys his suffering. Just as the slave is crumbled in the floor, on the verge of tears, she bends him over and, takes his ass with her 10 inch strap on. The slut whimpers. Megan’s response is to put a remote controlled ball shocker on him. With every cry for mercy, the setting on the ball shocker goes a notch higher. Megan is absolutely ruthless and, shows NO mercy. When she is finished, she lights a cigarette and, basks in the glory of having totally owned her slave.

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Mistress Ginary knows that you are just like two pathetic bitches kneeling at her boots, wishing that she would shove her 12 inch cherry cock up your ass! Well today is your lucky day, because Ginary is feeling generous. But you will have to be ready to show her that you really want her cock, and it will involve putting things in your ass first. Are you ready to become Ginary’s next begging ass whore?

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holiday ass streatching

It’s the holiday season and Lady Karma is in a giving and festive mood. She decides to take her slave out of the dungeon and bring him into the mansion’s living room. She puts a Santa hat on her hooded slave and dresses herself up in a hot Santa outfit. It’s time to turn her slave into her slut! She is wearing her huge 16 inch strap on but she needs to destroy her slut’s ass first. She begins by giving her slut a hard paddling. When his ass is nice and red she decides to stretch out his asshole. She brings out a hand shaped dildo and shoves it up his slutty asshole. Her slut moans and cries as Lady Karma pushes the huge dildofist in and out of his ass. She twists the dildo in order to stretch his ass even more. Now that Karma has turned him into her ho (ho ho), he is ready for her huge cock.


tangent clubdom

Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain want you to whip out your cock and stroke to their hot bodies. You love the way their latex dresses hug their curves and you wish you could run your pathetic tongue all over them and worship them, but you can’t. You’re just a slave, THEIR slave, and you will cum for them and show them what a horny weak and pathetic bitch you are. You know you need it. Do as they say, and eat it all up!

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clubdom strapon

Goddess Tangent and Mistress Dahlia Rain are hell-bent on destroying their slaves like the super-sadistic Goddesses they are. Watch as they unleash a wrath of pain on their cowering man-servants through ballbusting, strap-on, whipping and more! Get all parts for 1 low price.

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Sadie is going to stuff her slut full of her cock. He needs to feel vulnerable and used like a bitch and Sadie knows that the way for that to happen is to shove her cock as deep and as hard as she can into his little slut holes. Sadie’s slave does not like it but he MUST take it for her or else. He has to suck and get fucked by his Mistress. It’s so humiliating. Sadie LOVES fucking his bitch hole.

Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent are QUEENS of ball destruction and are going to make sure their slave’s balls are bruised and destroyed. They prefer to do this, the most fun and destructive way they know how, to kick them in, full-force, as hard as they can! The women take turns viciously kicking the slave’s balls in until he is doubled over in pain, sometimes holding him so he doesn’t pass out just yet, while the other woman goes to town bashing them in. They also grab his balls and talk about destroying them and the lovely colors his damaged flesh is turning for them. He will NEVER WALK AGAIN.

The pathetic slave is not worthy of Jean Bardot. He is barely worthy to be in the same room as her. Lucky for him, she is allowing him to serve her today and he must entertain her by worshipping her perfect boots. The slave is instructed to lick every single inch of Jean’s sexy boots and he is afraid to do a bad job. It gets him horny thinking about how privileged he is to have his tongue on her body through her boot, but he also knows he is destined to be a slave.

Eden Alexander and KimmyLee are forcing their slave to get some exercise out in the field. He must pull them around with the pony-cart, and do some jumping jacks until the Mistresses are satisfied. He must be strong and fit if he is to serve the women every day. It is so humiliating to have to work out naked in front of two hot women, but he has no choice.