Face Slapping

Mistress Michelle is done with her slave he has pleased her enough. Mistress Michelle’s slave asks permission to speak. Mistress Michelle grants him permission to speak. The slave gets ballsy and ask his Mistress if he may release. Mistress Michell is furious and cant believe her slave think hes worthy of cumming. Mistress Michell quickly slaps his pathetic face then slaps some more. Mistress Michelle slaps his face over and over and scolds him for asking suck a daring question. Mistress even grabs the slaves balls and gives them a good slapping. Mistress Michelle beats the worthless slaves face ruthlessly then forces him back into his cage.

Mistress Vanessa has her slave on his knees and she begins to slap him across the face with her leather gloved hands. She is EXTREMELY strict with him as she scolds him and makes him hold her leather glove in his mouth as she slaps bare-handed repeatedly, making him cry out in horrific pain. Each slap makes him feel more and more submissive and puts him further into his place.