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Goddess Jamie Valentine is the head Mistress of the compound today and she is going to make sure that she uses that to her full advantage. Jamie has a slave waiting in the stocks to be punished and she is on her way there, being pulled by another slave on her pony cart. Jamie walks off of the cart and over to her waiting, terrified slave and taunts him before delivering some painful, punishing cane strokes. Jamie decides to grab the slave by his balls and threaten and terrify him further in his punishment, before going back to delivering more vicious cane strokes. She gets in her cart, satisfied and leaves him there in the field to think about what he’s done.

“What a fresh piece of meat right here” Goddess Brianna giggles. Brianna and Kendra have their bitch helpless and secured in the stockade. They start to beat him. “IT doesn’t have feelings” says Kendra. “It’s only purpose is to sit here and amuse us.” The women cane the slave until they are satisfied as he screams, begging and begging for mercy.

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Mistress Lydia Supremacy and Mistress Cheyenne are excited that the traitor slave they caught didn’t break during phase one of their interrogation. It has been a long long time since they have had to go to phase two: caning. They don’t waste much time before they start caning their prisoner slave. His pathetic slave ass is still red from phase one of their interrogation, but they brutally start caning his ass leaving dark red welts under his bright red skin. Mistress Lydia and Mistress Cheyenne don’t care if they break their canes over his ass, as they have many of them to go through, and they don’t hold back when they cane their slave. They remind him that his pain can be over as soon as he gives up the information, though they do rather enjoy the caning, so they hope he keeps his mouth shut so they can torture him longer.

Goddess Tessa Crane drags her new slave to the brick pool patio and her friend Goddess Ginger. Goddess Tessa orders her slave into obedience before creating an artistic masterpiece on his pale white ass with her caning expertise. Goddess Tessa places her property on a bench where she gets ready to cane his ass leaving bright red marks all over the blank white canvas. Goddess Ginger gets in on the action with a couple backhanded swats that make his slave ass jiggle from the impact. The poor slave can’t even sit still during the caning, which make the Goddesses cane his bitch ass even more, and harder.

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Enjoy Parts 1 and 2 of “Toy For 2 Sadists” with Alexis Grace and Dahlia Rain for 1 low price. Watch these sexy Goddesses of Femdom destroy their slave through vicious caning and a strap-on fuck-fest! Their laughter and smiles truly show off their sadistic nature even more-so.

Ms. Venus Divine and Eden Adams pull a slave out of his cage. His balls are locked behind him in a humbler. Eden shoves his head to the ground and Venus begins a vicious caning. Eden begins shocking the slut with a cattle prod. The ladies get off on being cruel to this bitch. Eden keeps the electric jolts coming as Venus stripes the slut’s ass. When the ladies have had their fill they put the slut back in his cage to sleep outside in the storm.

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Club Dom: Routine Monday Beatings

The three sadistic Mistresses walk into the patio, their high heels click loudly on the bricks. The slave is bent over a spanking bench and can hear them coming. He knows they mean business. They Mistresses aim to break each and every slave here at clubdom and they do it by giving them routine beatings until the men are nothing but obedient piles of mush. Jean Bardot holds slave 019 down while Lydia and Lynn take turns delivering vicious swats with their paddle and leather strap. Eventually it’s Jeans turn and she straps him swiftly and viciously, sending searing pain across his backside. He can feel every horrible hit and hear the noise it makes as the implements beat into his ass. Loudest of all, he here’s the women taunting him.

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