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“What a fresh piece of meat right here” Goddess Brianna giggles. Brianna and Kendra have their bitch helpless and secured in the stockade. They start to beat him. “IT doesn’t have feelings” says Kendra. “It’s only purpose is to sit here and amuse us.” The women cane the slave until they are satisfied as he screams, begging and begging for mercy.

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Goddesses Brianna and Cadence make this slave bitch pay for disappointing them. With his hands chained to a cage, he can only watch as the Goddesses torture his balls. Brianna and Cadence whip and crop the slave’s cock and balls until they are bruised and swollen. His balls locked in a humbler, the bitch can only beg for mercy, which only causes Brianna to laugh and hurt his balls even more. The Goddesses are pleased looking at his black and swollen balls; maybe this bitch will learn his lesson eventually.

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Whipping * Caning * Strap On * Ass Worship * CBT * Castration* Face Fucking* Isabella is fed up with her husband’s womanizing ways. She is ready to divorce him, but he has begged her another chance. He has agreed to undergo intense behavior modification in order to save their marriage. She drives him to Goddess Brianna’s female domination estate.

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Goddesss Brianna, Ashley Edmunds and Mistress Megan are enjoying a smoke break. They take advantage of their slave ashtray, putting their ashes on it’s face and driving their red hot butts out on it’s tongue. Brianna and Ashley grab up the slut’s cock and balls. They exchange a devilish look and their red hot embers out on the slut’s cock and balls. Megan laughs. She is loving his. She throws the slut to the floor, spits on him and demands that he lick up all of the spilled ashes.