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tangent clubdom

Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain want you to whip out your cock and stroke to their hot bodies. You love the way their latex dresses hug their curves and you wish you could run your pathetic tongue all over them and worship them, but you can’t. You’re just a slave, THEIR slave, and you will cum for them and show them what a horny weak and pathetic bitch you are. You know you need it. Do as they say, and eat it all up!

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clubdom strapon

Goddess Tangent and Mistress Dahlia Rain are hell-bent on destroying their slaves like the super-sadistic Goddesses they are. Watch as they unleash a wrath of pain on their cowering man-servants through ballbusting, strap-on, whipping and more! Get all parts for 1 low price.

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Eden Alexander and KimmyLee are forcing their slave to get some exercise out in the field. He must pull them around with the pony-cart, and do some jumping jacks until the Mistresses are satisfied. He must be strong and fit if he is to serve the women every day. It is so humiliating to have to work out naked in front of two hot women, but he has no choice.

Sunny Chase and Goddess Tangent are going to show her boyfriend that they mean business when they want to make him a total bitch. The women strap big fake lips onto his face which force his mouth open, a gag of sorts. Sunny then fucks him good until she is satisfied while Tangent participates in the action, telling him what to do. He does cum and the women make him eat his own filth! With his mouth forced open from that gag, he doesn’t have a choice. They then give him a blow-up doll and tell him he can date the plastic doll now.

Goddess Cleo has two of her slaves caged up, and asks which one of them is going to get her off. Goddess Cleo picks one, drags him out, and puts a chindo on him since his cock is too small to please anyone, let alone a Goddess. Her slave has three minutes to get her off, so he better fuck her good with that chindo. Goddess Cleo grabs his hair and pulls his head so that he can learn how to fuck a Goddess’s pussy. He tries to slide the chindo in her wet pussy, but he is so pathetic at it she pushes him off. Goddess Cleo needs to cum, he better hurry up.

Mistress Michelle is done with her slave he has pleased her enough. Mistress Michelle’s slave asks permission to speak. Mistress Michelle grants him permission to speak. The slave gets ballsy and ask his Mistress if he may release. Mistress Michell is furious and cant believe her slave think hes worthy of cumming. Mistress Michell quickly slaps his pathetic face then slaps some more. Mistress Michelle slaps his face over and over and scolds him for asking suck a daring question. Mistress even grabs the slaves balls and gives them a good slapping. Mistress Michelle beats the worthless slaves face ruthlessly then forces him back into his cage.

Mistress Vanessa has her slave on his knees and she begins to slap him across the face with her leather gloved hands. She is EXTREMELY strict with him as she scolds him and makes him hold her leather glove in his mouth as she slaps bare-handed repeatedly, making him cry out in horrific pain. Each slap makes him feel more and more submissive and puts him further into his place.

Goddesses Brianna and Cadence make this slave bitch pay for disappointing them. With his hands chained to a cage, he can only watch as the Goddesses torture his balls. Brianna and Cadence whip and crop the slave’s cock and balls until they are bruised and swollen. His balls locked in a humbler, the bitch can only beg for mercy, which only causes Brianna to laugh and hurt his balls even more. The Goddesses are pleased looking at his black and swollen balls; maybe this bitch will learn his lesson eventually.

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In fact, he enjoys acting rather macho. The women know they can fix that. He shows up to pick up Paulina in his busted car and with a demanding voice, the shrimp tells Paulina “Let’s Go!”
Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent are enjoying their day tormenting and using slaves at the compound. Paulina tells the women that she needs help with her new boyfriend. He isn’t very submissive.

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