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This slave better stay hard and please Mistress Raven or else Mistress Isobel is going to castrate him. There’s a catch: he’s not allowed to cum! Mistress Ricky smothers the slave and keeps him excited while Raven pleasures herself on his huge hard dick. This slave’s huge hard dick is why these ladies keep him around as their fuck toy, after all. Raven gets wetter and wetter bouncing up and down on his cock making herself cum while Ricky smothers him with her beautiful young ass and pussy. They love controlling him, and his orgasm. Oh no! It looks like he came.

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Isobel Devi and Veronica Snow know that they must cock-train their slaves early in order to keep them in line. By doing so, these men will know and always keep in mind who is the superior sex. The slaves, already weak, crawl into the room and wrap their mouths around Isobel and Veronica’s big strap-on cocks. Before long, the woman have them bent over with their huge cocks, struggling to go in and out of their slave’s tight virgin assholes. Its tough and painful but they have to be cock-trained and this is the only way. They must feel every single inch of these women’s cocks deep inside their manginas and know who rules them. This needs to be done every single day.