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The pathetic slave is not worthy of Jean Bardot. He is barely worthy to be in the same room as her. Lucky for him, she is allowing him to serve her today and he must entertain her by worshipping her perfect boots. The slave is instructed to lick every single inch of Jean’s sexy boots and he is afraid to do a bad job. It gets him horny thinking about how privileged he is to have his tongue on her body through her boot, but he also knows he is destined to be a slave.

We need to get all of that filth out” says the powerful Jean Bardot. She slave cannot seem to stop getting random hard-ons and Jean wants to do something about it. She gives the slave 30 seconds to milk himself in front of her, which is so humiliating for him, and if he doesn’t cum, she is going to kick him in the balls for 3 minutes straight. He keeps dripping cum on her boot, and slave demands him to lick it off and not miss a drop. She then gives him evil and demanding masturbation instructions while calling him a dirty little bitch.

Jean Bardot and Michelle Lacy are enjoying drinks by the pool at ClubDom Estate when a vanilla repair man makes a disparaging comment that he could never be a slave to a woman. Hmmm….a little bit of FemDom phobia just may be rooted however he can’t take his eyes off of Jean and Michelle. The ladies are amused. They lure him into “at least just trying a few things.” Before this man can even set down his tool belt, Jean and Michelle are introducing him to single tails on his back, riding crops on his balls and canes on his ass. Teaching him pony etiquette as he pulls them around in the pony cart. Jean and Michelle are delighted in pulling yet another FemDom bitch out of denial. By the end of the day, the male bitch is serving them wine with an ass and back full of welts as the ladies snicker at him. Every now and then a man just needs a reality check.

Club Dom: Routine Monday Beatings

The three sadistic Mistresses walk into the patio, their high heels click loudly on the bricks. The slave is bent over a spanking bench and can hear them coming. He knows they mean business. They Mistresses aim to break each and every slave here at clubdom and they do it by giving them routine beatings until the men are nothing but obedient piles of mush. Jean Bardot holds slave 019 down while Lydia and Lynn take turns delivering vicious swats with their paddle and leather strap. Eventually it’s Jeans turn and she straps him swiftly and viciously, sending searing pain across his backside. He can feel every horrible hit and hear the noise it makes as the implements beat into his ass. Loudest of all, he here’s the women taunting him.

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