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tangent clubdom

Goddess Tangent and Dahlia Rain want you to whip out your cock and stroke to their hot bodies. You love the way their latex dresses hug their curves and you wish you could run your pathetic tongue all over them and worship them, but you can’t. You’re just a slave, THEIR slave, and you will cum for them and show them what a horny weak and pathetic bitch you are. You know you need it. Do as they say, and eat it all up!

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Goddess Tangent and Mistress Dahlia Rain have you under their control. You are helpless to do as they say. You cannot help but to follow their every word as you stroke your pathetic cock exactly as they want you to. You stare at their big black cocks and dream of being stuffed in your holes by these two Goddesses. You suddenly start to feel their huge black cocks inside of you, while these women laugh and watch you stroke your cock and cum exactly as they want you to cum, when they want you to cum.

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We need to get all of that filth out” says the powerful Jean Bardot. She slave cannot seem to stop getting random hard-ons and Jean wants to do something about it. She gives the slave 30 seconds to milk himself in front of her, which is so humiliating for him, and if he doesn’t cum, she is going to kick him in the balls for 3 minutes straight. He keeps dripping cum on her boot, and slave demands him to lick it off and not miss a drop. She then gives him evil and demanding masturbation instructions while calling him a dirty little bitch.