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Kendra James and Alexa Rydell notice one of their stable slave’s has swollen balls. It is time this bitch is milked! The ladies have him strapped into a bondage chair with only his cock and swollen balls exposed. Then they begin milking the slut’s worthless nuts. Kendra grabs his balls and squeezes them tightly. She wants every drop of male filth extracted. Alexa strokes the slut’s cock, working it with great expertise. When the slut is close to losing his male filth, he resists. Kendra puts her hand over the bitch’s mouth as Alexa completes their mission. She catches the male filth in her hand and inspects his now empty balls to be certain that every drop of filth was extracted.

“What a fresh piece of meat right here” Goddess Brianna giggles. Brianna and Kendra have their bitch helpless and secured in the stockade. They start to beat him. “IT doesn’t have feelings” says Kendra. “It’s only purpose is to sit here and amuse us.” The women cane the slave until they are satisfied as he screams, begging and begging for mercy.

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