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Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent are QUEENS of ball destruction and are going to make sure their slave’s balls are bruised and destroyed. They prefer to do this, the most fun and destructive way they know how, to kick them in, full-force, as hard as they can! The women take turns viciously kicking the slave’s balls in until he is doubled over in pain, sometimes holding him so he doesn’t pass out just yet, while the other woman goes to town bashing them in. They also grab his balls and talk about destroying them and the lovely colors his damaged flesh is turning for them. He will NEVER WALK AGAIN.

Mistress Michelle is done with her slave he has pleased her enough. Mistress Michelle’s slave asks permission to speak. Mistress Michelle grants him permission to speak. The slave gets ballsy and ask his Mistress if he may release. Mistress Michell is furious and cant believe her slave think hes worthy of cumming. Mistress Michell quickly slaps his pathetic face then slaps some more. Mistress Michelle slaps his face over and over and scolds him for asking suck a daring question. Mistress even grabs the slaves balls and gives them a good slapping. Mistress Michelle beats the worthless slaves face ruthlessly then forces him back into his cage.

Jean Bardot and Michelle Lacy are enjoying drinks by the pool at ClubDom Estate when a vanilla repair man makes a disparaging comment that he could never be a slave to a woman. Hmmm….a little bit of FemDom phobia just may be rooted however he can’t take his eyes off of Jean and Michelle. The ladies are amused. They lure him into “at least just trying a few things.” Before this man can even set down his tool belt, Jean and Michelle are introducing him to single tails on his back, riding crops on his balls and canes on his ass. Teaching him pony etiquette as he pulls them around in the pony cart. Jean and Michelle are delighted in pulling yet another FemDom bitch out of denial. By the end of the day, the male bitch is serving them wine with an ass and back full of welts as the ladies snicker at him. Every now and then a man just needs a reality check.

Michelle Lacy laughs as she has her slave in a stockade, ready to be beaten for her pleasure. She has a freshly sliced orange and she tells the slave that she will stick it into his mouth. He must hold the orange in his mouth but if he bites it too hard and spills juice on the floor while she canes him, she will cane him harder and more frequently for each drop spilled. Michelle delivers some nasty cane strokes while the slave tries his best to not spill. Unfortunately for the slave, he cannot help but bite into the orange from the pain, and more strokes ensue.

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Michelle Lacy, Eden Alexandria and Kimylee have no mercy on their bound, blue balled bitch. The ladies have this male slut on his back with his balls bound up so tightly they are literally purple. The ladies tease this slut’s cock….getting him close, close, ever so close to cumming and then pulling back. The slut’s balls are grower more and more blue by the second. Sadism over the ladies as the bitch’s cock is teased right to the point of erupting with male filth and then stopped. Finally, the slut spews his cum but his joy is short lived. Michelle punches the slut in his purple aching balls as soon as he blows. There is no mercy for this purple balled bitch.

In fact, he enjoys acting rather macho. The women know they can fix that. He shows up to pick up Paulina in his busted car and with a demanding voice, the shrimp tells Paulina “Let’s Go!”
Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent are enjoying their day tormenting and using slaves at the compound. Paulina tells the women that she needs help with her new boyfriend. He isn’t very submissive.

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