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Kendra James and Alexa Rydell notice one of their stable slave’s has swollen balls. It is time this bitch is milked! The ladies have him strapped into a bondage chair with only his cock and swollen balls exposed. Then they begin milking the slut’s worthless nuts. Kendra grabs his balls and squeezes them tightly. She wants every drop of male filth extracted. Alexa strokes the slut’s cock, working it with great expertise. When the slut is close to losing his male filth, he resists. Kendra puts her hand over the bitch’s mouth as Alexa completes their mission. She catches the male filth in her hand and inspects his now empty balls to be certain that every drop of filth was extracted.

Michelle Lacy, Eden Alexandria and Kimylee have no mercy on their bound, blue balled bitch. The ladies have this male slut on his back with his balls bound up so tightly they are literally purple. The ladies tease this slut’s cock….getting him close, close, ever so close to cumming and then pulling back. The slut’s balls are grower more and more blue by the second. Sadism over the ladies as the bitch’s cock is teased right to the point of erupting with male filth and then stopped. Finally, the slut spews his cum but his joy is short lived. Michelle punches the slut in his purple aching balls as soon as he blows. There is no mercy for this purple balled bitch.

It’s milking day at ClubDom and the slave seems to be resistant. Jamie Valentine threatens the bound slave with a cattle prod as Olivia milks his hard cock. Resisting and not giving them his cum, causes Jamie to shock the slave’s balls until he complies. Too bad, as Guardesses Jamie Valentine and Olivia Fox are going to get their way, AND their semen specimen.

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