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Goddess Christy Mack is having a blast now that she has put her boyfriend into chastity and turned him into a cuckold. She uses his face as her chair as she puts her makeup as she texts her date. Once home, with her well hung stud in tow, she walks in and uses her cuck’s face as a doormat, wiping her feet on his tongue. She shows off her stud’s huge cock and compares it to her cuck’s tiny dicklet. She taunts her cucky with his chastity key and puts him on his knees to lube up her lover’s cock. She is going to fuck him all night. As Christy rides her stud’s cock, she instructs her cuck to lick her clit and her lover’s balls. It is such a turn on to humiliate her cuck slut in front of her new stud. After Christy’s lover cums all over her pussy, her cuck is made to lick up every last white gooey drop.

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In fact, he enjoys acting rather macho. The women know they can fix that. He shows up to pick up Paulina in his busted car and with a demanding voice, the shrimp tells Paulina “Let’s Go!”
Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent are enjoying their day tormenting and using slaves at the compound. Paulina tells the women that she needs help with her new boyfriend. He isn’t very submissive.

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