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Thora decides to punish her slave by spanking and whipping him. Thora doesn’t take any nonsense from poorly behaved slaves and she plans on administering some major pain, hoping that the slave learns his lesson and is better behaved in the future. Thora is great with her whip and the slave knows it as he anticipates each and every single blow.

Club Dom: Routine Monday Beatings

The three sadistic Mistresses walk into the patio, their high heels click loudly on the bricks. The slave is bent over a spanking bench and can hear them coming. He knows they mean business. They Mistresses aim to break each and every slave here at clubdom and they do it by giving them routine beatings until the men are nothing but obedient piles of mush. Jean Bardot holds slave 019 down while Lydia and Lynn take turns delivering vicious swats with their paddle and leather strap. Eventually it’s Jeans turn and she straps him swiftly and viciously, sending searing pain across his backside. He can feel every horrible hit and hear the noise it makes as the implements beat into his ass. Loudest of all, he here’s the women taunting him.

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