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Sunny Chase and Goddess Tangent are going to show her boyfriend that they mean business when they want to make him a total bitch. The women strap big fake lips onto his face which force his mouth open, a gag of sorts. Sunny then fucks him good until she is satisfied while Tangent participates in the action, telling him what to do. He does cum and the women make him eat his own filth! With his mouth forced open from that gag, he doesn’t have a choice. They then give him a blow-up doll and tell him he can date the plastic doll now.

Sadie Holmes knows that you want Mommy’s milk and she is going to guide you through this little masturbation exercise as you watch her gorgeous full, plump tits leak out the milk you want to drink. You know you want to suckle those gorgeous milky tits.

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Nadia White has a lot in store for these two subby boys. She decides to make them both collared subby boys at her feet. One worships her feet while the other watches. She then makes the foot worshipper jerk off onto her gorgeous and perfect toes while she makes the other bitch watch him. She instructs him to lick up all of the other subby boy’s cum off of her toes! How humiliating.

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On Mena and her husband’s one year Anniversary, she decides to tell him that things aren’t working for her. She wants to be with a submissive man, since he isn’t good for much more and she hasn’t been satisfied. She wants to turn him into a submissive cuckold and if he wants to save their marriage and make her happy, he must comply. He decides to try it out, and puts on the collar she had brought for him. He gets on his knees as he is told and worships her perfect feet.

Rilynn Rae and Roxi Blair are here to take down the two losers at the gym. The women wrestle the men and get them to submit, as they are no match for the wit and strength of the women. The women decide to see which one of them has a smaller dick and they start stroking both of the guys. The end up forcing the men to stroke their itty bitty cocks and lick their cum off of their feet.

Vivian has her intruder dressed in lingerie and continues to humiliate him for breaking into her home. It’s either the grueling humiliaiton or she calls the police. Vivian makes him suck her cock like a little pathetic bitch boy. What a good little slut in training he is, all for the amusement of Goddess Vivian.

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